At B & A Autoport, we specialize in all foreign and domestic auto and truck repairs as well as all scheduled service requirements.

Also, we ensure our team stays current with all new technology to ensure proper repair work.

Our service team is dedicated to keeping you on the road safely.

We can perform all scheduled maintenance on your automobile, and we offer the warranties available.

  • Tune-ups - spark plugs, ignition wires, distributors, PCV valve, filters, etc.
  • Belts (include timing belt, & hoses)
  • Fuel delivery systems - fuel pump assembly, filter, custom lines to fit, injectors, carburetors

As an added bonus, B & A Autoport

  • Will keep a log of all repairs and services performed

A well serviced and properly maintained vehicle can save you money.

We have provided some valuable links to educate and inform our valued customers.

Below you will find just a sample of the work we specialize in.

  • Accessories and optional equipment
  • Brakes and traction control
  • Cooling - water pumps, fan clutch, heater core, radiators, thermostats
  • Cruise control
  • Diagnostic - engine, maintenance, indicator lights
  • Engine replacement - new, used
  • Heating & Air Conditioning - Complete testing and repair
  • Instrument panel, gauges & warning indicators
  • Lighting & horns
  • Power & electrical distribution
  • Relays, modules, sensors, and switches
  • Starting & charging - batteries, alternators, ignition switches, & lock cylinders, starters
  • Suspension and Steering - Drive Axle, u-joints, ball joints, control arms, wheel bearings & hubs
  • Transmissions & drive-train - clutches, differential assembly, control systems
  • Windows - window regulators/motors, relays & switches
  • Wiper & washer systems - window washer pumps, relays, motors and blades